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We believe that every individual:

- Is an important member of the community
- Has the right to be treated with respect, dignityand equality
- Has the right to access quality holistic health services
- Has the right to confidentiality
- Has the right to participate in his or her own health care


Moving forward to a healthier community.

Mission Statement

We strive to increase wellness through a collaborative approach to education, health promotion, physical, mental and emotional care that supports the community in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Health Centre Goals

- To ensure well-being of all people within the Southside community of Skin Tyee Nation, Cheslatta Carrier Nation, Nee Tahi Buhn Band, Southbank, Uncha Lake, Danskin, Grassy Plains, Takysie Lake, Tatalrose, Wisteria, Ootsa Lake, East Ootsa & Cheslatta. - To provide community based programs in prevention, promotion, rehabilitative and supportive areas of primary health care.
- To foster and maintain effective communication with the community.
- To promote efficient, cost effective health services.

Southside Health & Wellness Video